HTML submissions

We would like to encourage you to submit your paper as HTML. You can use your own HTML-based format for the submission. Of course, you will be asked to prepare a PDF of your Camera Ready version according to the Springer LNCS layout in order to publish you paper in the CEUR-WS proceedings of the workshop.

Alternatively, you can choose to use one of the following (and already tested and used) HTML formats for scientific publications: RASH and Linked Research. Both the approaches allow you to check if your HTML file is compliant with the 12 pages limit constraint of the workshop, by selecting the LNCS Style from the menu and then by print-viewing or printing to PDF the file.

RASH (Research Articles in Simplified HTML)

Submit a zip archive containing an HTML file compliant with the Research Articles in Simplified HTML (RASH) format with the additional stylesheets and scripts included in the style package for guaranteeing a correct visualisation of the document on browsers.

RASH is part of a framework for facilitating the creation of HTML research articles and their publication in research venues. In particular, RASH is composed by a few of the available HTML tags and allows one to add RDFa annotations to any element.

The current version of the RASH format is fully introduced in its documentation page (written in RASH), which includes several examples. The complete RelaxNG grammar of the language is available online. The whole style package of this format (which includes the documentation, the examples and the grammar) is also available as a ZIP archive.

We encourage to use the earliest version of browsers for guaranteeing the best visualisation of the RASH documents. In addition, the translation from your RASH submission into the appropriate publishing format (i.e., LaTeX LNCS) and the related creation of the PDF of your Camera Ready version that will be used in the official proceedings of the workshop will be totally handled by us through a semi-automatic process.

Linked Research

Submit a zip archive containing an HTML file compliant with Linked Research. Example paper using LNCS layout is available at “Copy/Paste”!


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