Mathieu d'Aquin

Mathieu d’Aquin

Knowledge Media institute (KMi) of the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK:

Sharing Knowledge is What we Do: Education and/or the Semantic Web

Sunday, Oct 11, 2015.
9.00 – 11.30am


Semantic Web technologies, especially through linked data, have been hugely successful in many areas, including eGovernment, research, business and industry, media, etc. Since the purpose of Semantic Web technologies is to enable widespread and effective sharing of knowledge, it is rather surprising that little attention has be given to the application of such technologies to education, including supporting learners and teachers. In this presentation, we discuss through an number of examples, from the simple application of linked data to more sophisticated, intelligent systems exploiting information from the web, the challenges in education that could be addressed through semantic web technologies, and how this might raise new issues with the required skills, the management of policies, of privacy and generally of the processes associated to distributed, massive online learning.