Education and Professional Training for Semantic Web and Linked Data:

  • curricula, formats, and methodologies
  • computer science vs. social sciences and engineering-related disciplines
  • the traditional class room vs. MOOCs
  • accessibility
  • gender and diversity in education and professional training
  • existing repositories and available courseware
  • case studies documenting the application of specific pedagogical concepts and techniques in the classroom.

Semantic Web enabled Technology Enhanced Learning:

  • vocabularies and ontologies for the annotation of learning resources
  • NLP to open up (and semantically annotate) learning resources
  • learning analytics and (semantic) data mining / educational data mining
  • Semantic Web technologies for informal learning and Web-based education
  • Semantic Web technologies for personalisation and context-awareness in eLearning
  • usability and advanced user interfaces in learning environments
  •, LRMI and Microdata for annotation of educational Web material
  • exposing learning objects & resources to the Web of Data
  • learning flows and designs with Semantic Web technologies
  • visual analytics of educational data
  • collaborative learning on the Web of Data
  • educational Semantic MashUp applications
  • adaptive and intuitive learning environments
  • Semantic Web technologies support for Crowd Sourcing and/in eLearning